TKO Motorsports Heads to Utah for Pirelli World Challenge Promoter Test Sessions

TKO Motorsports and driver Memo Gidley completed another successful test day over the weekend at Sonoma Raceway, running their GT3R Porsche. Drawing a large crowd, the open test day went as planned for the team and proved beneficial in gathering more data and making adjustments on their racecar.

“It was a busy day on the track as many teams were testing before the Monterey Historic vintage car race coming up,” said Gidley. “And as interesting as it was passing cars that were straight out of the history books, we also got some clean running to try changes with the TKO GT3R.”

Team owner Dave Traitel also achieved nice driving around the 2.52-mile Sonoma road course. “It is great to see the progress Dave is making driving the Porsche and the fun he is having,” said Memo. “What he has accomplished in a few months makes me proud.”

Following this test, TKO Motorsports will head to Utah Motorsports Campus to take part in the Pirelli World Challenge Promoter Test Sessions before the Utah Supercar Grand Prix race weekend August 11th – 13th.

“I was very excited when I was told we were going to run the test day before the next PWC weekend,” said Memo. “It will be a great opportunity for me to be back at a race weekend to see a lot of friends and to run with all the top PWC series cars and drivers, even if just for practice right now.”

The TKO team is using the PWC Promoter Test Sessions to see what the environment looks and feels like in a Pirelli World Challenge race weekend.

“I would love an opportunity to get back into a PWC race!” said Gidley. “I raced the Air Force Reserve/TechSport Ford Focus for a year in World Challenge over a decade ago, and our team got the Ford Focus its first podium in the series! The series was intense and very competitive like it appears right now, and it would be great to get TKO racing in this environment.”

“We have been very pleased with the results from our extensive testing schedule with our Porsche GT3R,” said Traitel. “It has allowed us to gain even more confidence with our evolving motorsports program, and we look forward to what the future will bring. I can definitely say we are headed in the direction of competition and hope to keep Memo with us for the ride.”