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Two More Surgeries, All Going in the Right Direction, Throttle Down!

Hi Everybody, Thanks again for all your support and interest in my recovery.  It has been quite a journey, but like I believe and say, it definitely could have been worse.  I do want all my friends and fans to know that the healing and recovery is definitely going in the right direction and their […]

Gidley back at DJSA Jet Effect jet ski race!

As part of his Daytona injuries recovery, Muscle Milk MEGA Athlete, Memo Gidley has been starting to get out and see people that have been keys to his current recovery.  Since long trips are still not possible, Memo has been visiting the local scene, from go-kart races to the recent Sonoma Go-Pro Grand Prix Indy […]

Join Team Memo in supporting Camp Boggy Creek

Check out this e-mail from Sarah Gurtis, Corporate Development Officer at Camp Boggy Creek: Greetings my friends!   I had the most wonderful phone call last evening. On my 1 hour ride home (usually a mind numbing parade of satellite radio stations), my cell phone rang and it was Memo Gidley. Nothing could have made […]