Gidley, TKO in the Low 32s at Sonoma Test

It was back to the track for TKO Motorsports this past weekend at Sonoma Raceway with driver Memo Gidley to shakedown their Porsche GT3R. The team garnered great results and quick lap times to continue their data driven testing schedule.

The team was excited to invite Memo back to test their GT3R after a recent successful Speed SF Time Trial at Buttonwillow Raceway in which they received fastest lap of the weekend.

“It was great to get back out on Sonoma Raceway for an open test after doing a number of track day events shaking down the team’s new Porsche GT3R,” said Gidley following the test. “Because it was an open test day at Sonoma, we were able to try a number of changes and had a very clear track.”

The team worked on various setup changes like tire pressures on the Pirelli’s, rake, aero, and some shock adjustments. Behind the wheel of TKO’s Porsche Memo got down to a quick 1:32.4 lap time which was very promising and impressive for the team.

“I am just so comfortable in the TKO Porsche and just flat out love driving it!” said Gidley. “And when I saw that low 32 lap time, I was amazed at how fast I could get around the Sonoma race track, and we are talking about in a GT car!”

TKO Motorsports has more test days at various tracks coming up and plans to continue their partnership with Memo wheeling their GT3R.

“I am really enjoying myself with the TKO team,” said Gidley. “They are new into sports car racing, but the customer cars and products they build out of their facility in Reno is outstanding! They know how to get stuff done right. They are my kind of people and I look forward to more with them, whatever it may be.”