Dan Wheldon Memorial DJSA Outlaw Race #8 Preview

Wheldon_MemorialRound #8 of the DJSA Outlaw Water Cross Tour is being held this Sunday October 30th, at the Sandy Beach Park in Rio Vista, CA.  The race is being dedicated to Indy Car driver Dan Wheldon, who lost his life October 16th while racing in the Las Vegas 300.


Dan was a tremendous talent, a pure racer, and known for his larger than life personality.  “A couple of weeks ago, the bad happened,” said DJSA president Jim Lambert. “I know the entire DJSA family will join me in sending our love, prayers, and condolences to the Wheldon family and the entire Indy Car racing community. RIP #77. You were an incredible racer, a very cool guy, and we will remember you forever…”

This DJSA dedication was very much appreciated by fellow car racer and Dan Wheldon friend, Memo Gidley.  “Dan was a hell-of a racer…absolutely magical in a go-kart during his early days, and the driver known in Indy Car races that passed where others didn’t…on the outside!  Dan wasn’t reckless…he was just that good,” said Gidley. “But what really made Dan stand out from others was his personality.  He openly shared with anybody and everybody his love for racing and life and everybody would get caught up in his larger than life personality.  Even if you had never met Dan, you felt like you had.  And if you had meet Dan, even if just once, he made you feel like his best friend.  He was one of those rare individuals that everybody wanted to be like.”

DJSA racing runs Sunday from 11am-4PM and features ten different classes from ultra fast sit down skis to the wild and crazy stand ups. “I am really looking forward to the weekend.” said Gidley. “Not only will it be great to remember Dan with so many good friends at the DJSA, but you can guarantee the racing will be fantastic.  It’s only Tuesday, but I’m already losing sleep at night because I’m so excited for the weekend!”