Gidley Podiums DJSA Dan Wheldon Memorial Race

DJSA_ActionRound #8 of the DJSA Outlaw Jet Ski series was greeted with beautiful clear California skies and a packed field as the DJSA is nearing the end of its nine race watercraft series.  This race, special to all of the DJSA competitors, was dedicated to the late Indy Car star Dan Wheldon, along with off road racer Rick Huseman, and Moto GP rider Marco Simoncelli, who all lost their lives this past month.

“What Jim Lambert did by dedicating this race to these fallen stars was a first class move,” said Gidley. “From the opening ceremonies, memorial parade, the moment of silence, and the trophies with their pictures on them…we were all very sad but also happy to be racing in their honor.  They were fantastic racers, with so much life and passion to race; it was tough to think that they were now gone.”

However, the racers did everything they could to race as hard as possible in their heroes honor, and the racing was fantastic.  Muscle Milk MEGA athlete, Memo Gidley, was well prepped to race for the win.  “I have been looking forward to this race for weeks and have been training like a madman,” said Gidley. “But I know, to never underestimate the competition, no matter how prepared you think you may be.”

In heat one, Gidley leaped into the lead with Ian Roberts and Chris Wattier right on his heels.  Gidley led the first lap before being outrun by Ian in the first split.  A lap later, Chris got by in the same split.  Gidley ended up holding onto third place at the finish.

In heat two, Gidley would start last and worked himself up to fourth before a water dunking caused him to lose two positions.  Gidley would finish fifth in heat number two.

DJSA_MuscleMilk“My first two heats it seemed like I kept taking the slow split or making mistakes in the choppy Rio Vista water,” said Gidley. “I was starting fourth for the final and really tried to get focused on what I needed to do.”

In the final, Gidley moved up to third in the first split, and then ran a trouble free race to the end to finish second. “Ian pulled off with a mechanical a couple of laps from the end, which moved me up to second,” said Gidley. “I tried to catch Chris, but he was on fire today and was pulling away.”

Gidley ended the day third overall after all the races were tallied. “It was really a great weekend,” said Gidley. “I rode well, we had fantastic weather, the Muscle Milk hospitality was packed with family and friends, and we were racing for my friend Dan along with Rick and Marco.  And the topper was when the day ended, race winner Chris Wattier gave me his trophy to send to the Wheldon family, I was sad and very proud at the same time.