Gidley back at DJSA Jet Effect jet ski race!

memo raceAs part of his Daytona injuries recovery, Muscle Milk MEGA Athlete, Memo Gidley has been starting to get out and see people that have been keys to his current recovery.  Since long trips are still not possible, Memo has been visiting the local scene, from go-kart races to the recent Sonoma Go-Pro Grand Prix Indy Car race, many people have been able to see and talk to Memo for the first time since the Daytona accident.

Just last weekend, Memo once again made it out to see good friends and competitors at the annual DJSA Jet Effect 2-day weekend held at Lake Minden, CA.  “I have had the desire to get out and see my DJSA jet ski buddies for a couple of months and am so stoked that I was now physically able to make it happen,” said Gidley. “They are part of so many people that have been inspirations to me to get myself back to the Gidley I knew before and I wanted to say thanks to them in person.”

Rachel raceActually for this weekend Memo absolutely decided that a Gidley needed to be out racing a stand up ski…so by her choice, Rachel Gidley was out representing the Gidley name on the water. “Because of the accident, it has been a year since a Gidley has been at a DJSA race,” said Memo. “So to have me out there seeing my friends, and Rachel out tearing it up on the water, it was a great weekend and a lot of fun!”

In the meantime, Memo has a busy schedule as he continues his recovery.  “It’s not been easy but I am determined to push myself by doing so many different things to get back,” said Gidley.  “The Doctors tell me they are impressed by the amount of healing that has taken place considering how much was damaged.  My biggest challenge is a mysterious tailbone pain that fights with me daily.  However, It is getting better and I do see light at the end of the tunnel.”

When can we expect to see Memo in his first race?  “I get asked this a lot but it is so hard to predict,” said Gidley. “I would expect my first race back would be in 2015.  Probably first in a sailboat, then cars, then go-karts, then…finally my jet ski…that all sounds like a great 2015 to me!”