Basic Instinct wins!

basicinstinctwin1This past weekend was the 112 annual Great Vallejo two day Sailboat race put on by the Vallejo Yacht club, and over 200 sailboats showed up to take on the best on the San Francisco Bay.  Muscle Milk MEGA athlete, Memo Gidley, and his Basic Instinct crew were not only there, but had their career best results by winning their class on day one and then finishing on the podium again by taking third spot on day two.  It was a monumental achievement for Memo and his crew on Basic Instinct who have only been racing together for a little over a year.

“When I saw the results, I was literally speechless and proud at the same time,” said Gidley. “We have finished last…we have finished mid pack, and now we have won.  Hard work does pay off!”

basicinstinctwin2The first race on Saturday, Memo and his crew had a great start and then a near flawless performance on the 26 mile course to finish a solid 1min 12 sec in front of the second place boat at the finish line.  As a matter of fact, the top three boats were all within 3 min!  “It is pretty amazing that after a 26 mile course that the top three are all within a few minutes,” said Gidley. “The wind was blowing and Basic Instinct was just flying…literally planning on the water for most of the race!  It was impressive to see this awesome boat really shine in these conditions.”

basicinstinctwin3On Sunday’s race Memo and his crew proved this was no fluke by backing up Saturday’s performance with a third place in completely different conditions and on a much different racecourse.  “I was overjoyed to win Saturday…and then anxious to do well on Sunday to prove that this was no accident.”

CYCMidWinters1Doing well is an understatement as Gidley and his crew went up against a few of the best San Francisco Bay sailors who have mastered and raced in these tricky bay conditions and peculiarities for many years.  “I am super proud of my crew, two of them over 70 years old and obviously doing pretty good!  Gary Gebhard my tactician, Bob Lesnett trimmer, my Mom Mary trimmer, Ben Farrant and his daughter and first time racer Maddison foredeck,” said Gidley. “We were short handed, and everybody had to do more than usual and push themselves to their limit.  Madison, who was a first time racer with us, got sick just past the start on Saturday’s race… then bounced right back literally minutes later to give me two more days of awesome work and enthusiasm!  Some people try for years to win this race, I know my crew is proud of what they have done…and I am super happy for us!”