Two Gidleys romp at Lake Minden Jet Effect

RachelGidleyThis past weekend, Round #4 of the DJSA Outlaw weekends two day “Jet Effect”, saw two Gidleys going for the gold. Gidley #1… Muscle Milk/Molecule MEGA athlete Memo Gidley, and Gidley #2, daughter and first time jet ski racer Rachel Gidley. This weekend’s event was the seven year anniversary of the DJSA Outlaw Series…and the anticipation from competitors was intense.


Saturday at Jet Effect was all about the kids. With open kid’s practice, a ski clinic headed by past World Champion ski racer, Art Chambers, and a special one against one match race, the kids were really able to strut their stuff. Just turned eight year old Rachel, had been practicing for a couple weeks after deciding she wanted to go for her first race. “My Dad and I have been hitting buoys on the river,” said R. Gidley. “I don’t know why but even though I was scared, I wanted to race.” Rachel ended up having the sixth fastest time and then came up just short on passing for the fifth spot in the final. “I really like riding my standup Yamaha superjet, its fun,” said Rachel “And I liked my trophy from Jim Lambert.”


By the time Sunday rolled around, the Lake Minden recreation area was packed with Jet Ski racers from all over the state. Gidley was making his second appearance of the year after winning the last race at the Suisun “Widow Maker”, just three weeks ago. “It was great to win Suisun especially with all the Muscle Milk people that came to watch,” said Gidley. “Suisun was a really tight track…like a street course and I knew that Minden was going to be more of a Road America track, fast high speed corners…I could hardly wait to see what I could do there.”

With a packed start line, Gidley rocketed to the first turn but found himself going side by side with last year’s Champion, Pete Zernik for the lead. “I pulled Pete just around the first turn but then he had a better drive and rolled by me down the long start straight,” said Gidley. “From then on, it was me trying to stay close so that I could capitalize on a mistake he might make but that never happened.”

Moto two, Gidley once again got the hole shot but this time had enough of a jump to stay ahead rounding turn two. Gidley went on to the win.

The last and final race would be the tie breaker. “My legs were cramping up and I was a little concerned that I would fade,” said Gidley. “However I took a special mix of Cyto and Muscle Milk that my holder made for me and I think that did the trick!”

Gidley again nailed the start and pulled away to a four second lead by the end of the race.

“Wow, that felt awesome!” said Gidley. “Both winning the race and also getting to see my little daughter compete for the first time made it a weekend I will never forget!”