TKO Motorsports Completes First Test, Race

TKO Motorsports recently tested its 991 GT3R to acquire data for its Porsche suspension program. TKO Motorsports utilized a professional driver to gain input and live up to their slogan “Street Legal. Track Proven.” TKO, (, is committed to testing its products in harsh track environments to assess wants and needs of race teams and high-performance vehicle owners.

TKO uses the testing to help its associates understand the race cars that they build. Data was gathered recently from two separate tests at Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows, CA, ( and Sonoma Raceway in Sonoma, CA (

Professional driver Memo Gidley was part of the testing at both tracks. In his 20-year career, Memo has raced virtually everything – from shifter karts to IndyCars, Formula Fords to Daytona Prototypes, American Le Mans GT cars and prototypes.

“Just off my recent debut and test with Gainsco/Bob Stallings Racing at Sonoma Raceway,” he said, “it was awesome to get back behind the wheel of another Porsche GT3R with TKO Motorsports. These race cars are fast and impressive to drive and on a great track!  Also, the TKO crew are all super skilled and work hard because of their passion for racing.  It was a great day that I really enjoyed!  I hope to do more with TKO Motorsports in the future.”

Of the Sonoma Raceway test, Gidley said: “It was great to get back to my home track to continue to learn about the awesome Porsche GT3R and the TKO Motorsports team. The car was so quick and completely exceeded my expectations on how quick a GT car could go around Sonoma Raceway. I continued to explore the ABS and traction control settings, and along with the TKO team made a few adjustments on what I needed more of.  In the end, our fastest lap time on the TKO Porsche GT3R was impressive!”

NASA Pro Racing gave TKO a unique opportunity and introduction into racing during its testing weekend at Sonoma Raceway. Porsche Racing Club was holding an event during the NASA Pro Racing weekend, and recognized TKO’s passion and drive for the sport. The chief steward of Porsche Racing Club invited TKO to participate in its series and made sure that they were accommodated and their needs were met as this was their racing debut with the GT3R.

Dave Traitel, president of TKO, was also able to test the power, speed, and performance of the car by climbing behind the wheel. With coaching from Memo, he put down some astounding lap times during the race. TKO found it to be a humbling experience and enjoyed participating in this grassroots racing event and looks forward to doing more in the future.

TKO Motorsports LLC was established in 2008 by president Dave Traitel. The company comes from a great history of racing pedigree of all types, from road course, drag racing, to offshore boat racing. TKO Motorsports was created to make the impossible possible by building ultimate driving machines that are track engineered and tested in the harshest conditions. TKO Motorsports has built a reputation on bringing visualization and creativity of the motorsports industry to life, not only in their custom-built vehicles but also their upgraded hydraulic suspension systems and parts. The TKO Motorsports team thrives on building the best vehicle products for their customers and has a cumulative 50+ years of experience in the motorsports industry.