Gidley Podiums in First Race Back!

It has been a long recovery road for athlete Memo Gidley, and this past weekend was a huge step in his passion for racing. Memo finished on the podium driving for RattleSnake Electric Sport this past weekend in the Sanzura Karting Championship race at Sonoma Raceway.

“Well, my first go-kart race back I can describe in one word… fantastic!” said Memo. “I have been working towards getting back into a race for over three years and with the help and support of so many people it has now happened.”

Gidley raced in the EV class, which is an electric powered kart designed by RattleSnake Sport and is popular enough to have its own class in the Sanzura Championship. “The EV karts are 50hp electric motors and 125cc shifter kart fast, but the interesting part is that, just like in the International Formula E Series, you have to deal with battery management… conserving,” said Gidley. “Even though I qualified second, my right foot is a little too heavy right now! Blame it on me wanting to drive for three years!”

Memo can be seen regularly now out at the go-kart track driving his Aluminos 125cc shifter for practice. “I am out driving my shifter and everything feels great,” said Gidley. “During my recovery for the last three years, I have always listened to my body and right now my body says let’s drive!”

And his car plans? “I have reached out to a number of teams and I do think an opportunity is just around the corner,” said Memo. “As a pro driver, looking for a ride was always the downside of things. However, after what I have been through, for me being able to look for a ride is a great feeling!”