Muscle Milk sails “Basic Instinct” to 2nd in RYC Race

BasicInstinct_1Last Wednesday night, Muscle Milk/Molecule MEGA athlete, Memo Gidley and his Muscle Milk powered crew sailed “Basic Instinct” to second in the RYC weekly club race in the San Francisco Bay. The RYC (Richmond Yacht Club) which was founded in 1932 has been the training ground for many of the Bay Area’s top sailors and continues to be one of the leaders in races and activities. “I have been a guest at the Richmond Yacht Club a few times and was very excited to give one of their races a try,” said Gidley. “It was a quick shift in gears to go from having raced at long Beach a few days before in the Muscle Milk/Molecule LMPC racecar to now getting my crew together to hit the water!”


Close to forty boats lined up for five starts on a nice Wed evening with about 5kts of wind to get the fleet off the line. “Basic Instinct is a fast boat…but really is a missile when the wind picks up above 15kts,” said Gidley. “So, it was a little disappointing at the start with so little wind. We also got boxed in trying to get across the start line at the whistle and lost some more time to our competition.” As the fleet rounded the first marker the wind steadily picked up. “As soon as we got some decent wind, we really started to close the gap,” said Gidley. “I had six as crew, and even though most had not worked together before, they really started to get everything figured out.” At the line, the Basic Instinct Muscle Milk crew came up a little short. “We had a great second half and just came up a little short,” said Gidley. “These Wednesday night races are really short…about one hour in total so you have to really nail it right from the start. I look forward to the next one!”