Gidley Takes Fourth and Debuts Cytomax Floating Hydration Station

lake_minden_1276Muscle Milk MEGA athlete, Memo Gidley, came into round four of the DJSA Outlaw Jet Ski Series held at Salt Springs Valley Reservoir, with not a race under his belt this year.  It wasn’t for lack of trying as Gidley attempted to fly back from his Rolex Series car races three times this year, but only had to show for it one missed flight and two other attempts that never worked out.  “If there was a way to make it back in time to race my Muscle Milk jet ski after my Rolex races, I would have done it,” said Gidley. “My travel agent thought I was crazy as I had him scour any and every possible return flight…even from other states, but it just was not possible.  So to say I was a little anxious to hit my first race of this year this past weekend, was an understatement!”




Even though a little rusty, Gidley came out of the gate swinging and was mixing it up with the lead group.  After some intense battling, Gidley took home fourth overall for the day against a full field of riders.  “It was a great weekend even though I was a little rusty and did make some mistakes,” says Gidley. “However, I can’t wait to hit the next one!”



Gidley also debuted the Cytomax Floating Hydration Station.  “I had this crazy idea of essentially a floating cooler…but with a motor that could carry cold Cytomax drinks to the DJSA safety workers and personnel,” said Gidley. “My relationship with Muscle Milk actually started because I was using their electrolyte replacement drink, Cytomax, on a daily basis.  It is a fantastic fluid replacement drink that is great for hydration anytime.”

Although very well received, the first trial run did end with the cooler full of drinks flying off the Hydration Station and Gidley scrambling to recover the merchandise. “It was pretty funny actually,” said Gidley. “My first trial run and the cooler just few off with all the drinks!  I never claimed to be an engineer but now know that I need to better secure the drinks for next time. I had to go swimming to recover about thirty cold Cyto’s!”